Students Leadership & Participation

A leader must be a visionary and should be able to inspire innovation and change to provide high level strategic leadership for effective and efficient execution of ideas & views in every field. We, the Josephites involve ownselves in various clubs and committees.

Spiritual and Moral Guidance :

Individual counselling is provided to the students, parents as well as teachers according to the need.

Special prayers are offered to God for the needy poor & diseased.

Clubs and Associations :

Eco Club

Eco club is rendering yeoman's service to the school community to build up strong awareness among the students about the challenges faced by Mother Earth.

Every student is given a small poster containing slogans explaining the responsibility for cleanliness of the school. The trees of the campus are named by the students after the great heroes of the world reminding that they have been and will be breathing for every Josephite the pure air and freshness of life.

Joseph's campus wins the title 'Polythene Free Zone and Zero-litter Campus'

Co-curricular Club

This club conducts activities such as extempore, elocution, debate, quiz, essay & poetry writing, creating stories, to help the students to break through the nutshells and gain confidence.

Paryavaran Mitra

The Paryavaran Mitra programme is the initiative of CLE in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) and Arcelor Mittal. The goal of the Paryavaran Mitra programme is to create a network of Young people across the Nation who have sufficient knowledge and awareness and commitment to meet the Challenge of global citizenship and climate change. In Paryavaran Mitra a child realizes the following :

Plantation of trees.

To keep the house, surroundings and school campus clean.

Conservation of water.

Optimum use of energy resources.

Media Club

The members of Media club provide the Josephites with the news updates in economic, social, political spheres and sports. The members are encouraged to contribute to the website writings on various current issues and are the makers of the News letter named "Josephite Panorama".

Music Club

To meet the challenges of the present time, the school also gears up for one special feature of humans - that is to develop the latest talents of students in songs, dance and instrumental music.

Human Rights' Clubs

The students have the right to protect their identity, needful assistance and keep themselves safe and sound. So the club members always stretch their helping hands to the needy and troubled to overcome the crisis period.


The motto and aim of NSS is to help the poor and needy. So the club members collect old clothes and stationery and distribute the same among the poor students of the interior villages of West Bengal.

Little Way Association

The catholic students have a special role to play in devoting their time and energy in pleasing God in little ways with much love after the example of their patroness St. Therese - The Little flower of Jesus.

Sports and Games Club

The year has been an eventful one for the Josephites. The school has various games teams and added new feathers to its cap as number of matches viz. Football, Basket ball, Badminton, Table Tennis and so on were organized and the students proved their efficiency in every field. SJCHSS has achieved the supreme honour 'BEST ATHLETIC SCHOOL' among the 46 participating schools in the Regional Sports Meet 2011 of ASISC, West Bengal Chapter. Excluding these clubs, there are several committees for the all round development of the students so that the banner of St. Joseph's may fly higher and higher in the days to come.

Cleanliness Committee

Academic Committee

Examination Committee

Discipline Committee

Cultural Committee

Arts and Craft Committee

A committee of Volunteers