The Principal of St. Joseph's Convent H.S. School, ChittaranjanSr. Anupama CSST

Respected Parents and My Dear Students,

It is second year in a row since the close down of schools nationwide and globally due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Unprecedented, unseen and unheard of - yes it is.
The pandemic has augmented an extra layer of panic to the already stressful minds of the young learners because most learning is being done virtually from the safe ‘haven’ called home. It is now a worldwide struggle to keep the flame of learning aglow and stay positive in this time of incertitude.
It is but quite natural to feel sad, perplexed or even exasperated at times but remember dear young Josephites, with every crisis comes profound challenges and opportunities for transformation. The speed at which the education sector was forced to adapt the concept of distance learning, allowed minimal time for any planning or reflection on the scope of opportunities and the plausible threats this online mode of learning could have. Both teaching and learning underwent a massive transformation. From being “On Premises to being Off Premises” there has been a major paradigm shift.
I realize that this latest development in the mode of education has been challenging for many of us, especially the students. But I would like to assure you that together we will make it through this difficult time. I know dear students you are “Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and Smarter than you think”.
Although this Pandemic has disrupted our habitual routines and forced us out of our comfort zone, yet, I strongly believe that this situation has given us a chance to embrace change. As we made big changes in our homes to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the threat of this virus, Education too underwent a significant change by adapting to work remotely with the help of digital technology to reach out to students so that none lagged behind in terms of mental development and acquisition of knowledge.
I have always been fascinated by this quote- “Life offers you a million chances. All you have to do is take one”. My dear students take this chance which life has unexpectedly thrown at you. It is a chance for you, to re-discover and re-invent yourself and your potentials.
I’m not unaware of the fact how dull and boring it can be to sit passively in front of your mobile or computer screen and listen to innumerable lectures or watch tutorial videos or prepare presentations as part of classwork or homework. However, you must understand that we are at a “No Turning Back” situation. Either we make the best use of the situation and upgrade ourselves. Therefore I urge you to stay optimistic, stay focused and do not get dispirited or despondent. Despite challenges let us ensure that learning continues.
Let me also acknowledge the fact that I am very grateful to our parents for their sincere involvement in the school. Without your unending support and cooperation we would have been unable to offer holistic education to these young minds.
As said by Einstein- “Education is not so much feeding of the facts into mind as the awakening of curiosity in the soul”, we too here in S.J.C. believe that learning should not be restricted to the periphery of academic boundary alone. In keeping with that spirit we take keen interest in our students’ non-academic paraphernalia too, in the form of various cultural programs that are organized virtually from time to time. I’m extremely happy to see our students actively and enthusiastically participating in such meaningful activities. They indeed come as a breather in our confined days.
Even with this virtual medium of imparting education to these young minds, our main motto still remains to make teaching learning a fun filled, enjoyable and creative experience for our children.
As I have stated in one of my messages to the Josephites earlier that I have been really impressed by everyone’s involvement and ingenuity. I would thus urge you all to continue to render your support in a similar manner. Do please encourage your ward to maintain their efforts. I am particularly appreciative for everything that you have been doing to support learning from home.
To the students I strongly recommend that you start preparing hard for your upcoming half yearly examination. Be optimistic, resilient and hopeful that we will be able to come out of this present crisis soon in the near future. I’m reminded of Alfred Tennyson’s inspiring poem at this moment and I conclude by saying- “ The old order changeth yielding place to new… .” The old order has indeed changed in a very short span of time. Let us be a part of this and be the drivers of change.

May God Bless all our endeavors!

Stay positive and stay safe.