The Principal of St. Joseph's Convent H.S. School, Chittaranjan.Sr. Jennifer CSST

My dear Teachers and Students,

I am delighted to offer my services of experience to the Diocese of Asansol, through the education ministry at Chittaranjan. My experience in the fields of education and counselling along with its caliber and ability in the relevant fields will speak and can be witnessed during my tenure. However, I can visualize the challenges looking ahead as one of a critical time of the Covid -19 pandemic. My formative schooling was from St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Trichy in Tamil Nadu. So, one would find traits of a true Josephite in me.

Having studied in a Convent School, I have perceived certain values and instilled them in my lifespan which is an addition to my competence for further on activities. As an educationist one of the areas which need emphasis is schooling. Ever since the evolution of man, education has been the only thing that has been ever growing among all the others which have constantly evolved. Over time education has been given premier significance and has been considered as an indispensable stepping stone, for leading a triumphant match with unique comforts.

We, at St Joseph’s, strictly abide by the idea, that education is the exclusive key to a spring of knowledge of the planet around us and thus, help us to change it to something superior. Shedding light upon my role as the Principal, I would always highlight on the fact that quality education provided to the students assists them to enlarge a contrasting outlook of looking towards life.

However, in the current scenario, with humanity under attack due to the Novel corona virus epidemic and restricted to homes, we can understand the significance of saving our indisposed planet. The nationwide lockdown is one of the stiff truths we had to face for the destruction of nature by humans. This is the most opportune and golden time to start reflecting about ways that we all get involved in serving our mother earth. To battle the increasing spread of covid-19 and encourage life on earth, we must stay secluded. But learning cannot be halted amidst this pandemic. When we have the craving to learn we can strive to get it from anywhere. I will do my utmost to bring out the best in all of the students in these unknown times, which can support all of us grasp our capabilities and produce maximum yield, while preserving our natural values to the core and to live a life in harmony with the environment.

Today as we celebrate World Environment Day, let us recall that Nature is a beautiful poem by God, penned with rainbow colours of bio-diversity on our planet. In St Joseph’s we shall be resolute to listen to Nature’s wake-up call to care for its diversity. We shall pray together as a family to find a breakthrough for this pandemic.

God Bless each and every one of you. Let us journey together at St. Joseph’s evolving ourselves a better persons through learning.

Sr. Jennifer CSST
St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School