The Prayer of the Josephites

O God,
Our Father and Mother,
As we begin this new day,
We are thankful to YOU for the precious gift of our life
May we always do all that pleases in Your sight!

Dispel from us every form of darkness and
Lead us on to the fount of truth and fullness of life.
May we dedicate all our energies for excellence in every field of study
And support each other in developing all our talents!

Teach us to be mature & self-disciplined
as your good sons and daughters, and
become responsible citizens of our nation
upholding the dignity and equality
of every one, everywhere.

Guide us always on the right path to promote in our society
universal fraternity, courageous honesty, genuine freedom
and above all selfless love.

Make us instruments of your peace in the world.
May we root out every form of injustice, discrimination,
corruption and greed,
and be kind defenders of the surrounding nature!

Bless O Lord, and reward our parents, teachers & friends,
who toil so much for our welfare.
May St. Joseph, our Heavenly Patron, and the true example of selfless generosity,
Inspire us & intercede for us!